In our workshops we focus on designing and building inclusive and accessible interfaces, on user-centered design and designing in an ethical and humane way in general. We look at design from different angles, from content strategy to perfomance optimization and from user research to WAI-ARIA.

We hope to see you at one of our workshops!

Upcoming Workshops

We’re working on some exciting workshops. We’ll update this website when new ones are announced, but if you want to be notified, you should follow us on twitter @frozenrockets or sign up for our newslettter.


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Past Workshops

  • Josh Clark

    UX Design for Machine Learning and AI

    Photo of Josh Clark.
  • Sara Soueidan

    Accessible UI Patterns

    Photo of Sara Soueidan.
  • Jenny Shen

    Design for Users Across Cultures

    Photo of Jenny Shen.
  • Sarah Richards

    Content Design

    Photo of Sarah Richards.
  • Ida Aalen

    Easy and Affordable User Testing

    Photo of Ida Aalen.
  • Almero Steyn

    Inclusive React: The Bootcamp

    Photo of Almero Steyn.
  • Heydon Pickering

    Inclusive Design for Coders

    Photo of Heydon Pickering.
  • Hidde de Vries

    The Rules of ARIA

    Photo of Hidde de Vries.